Getting Your Brakes Repaired

You need to make sure that the brakes on your car are always working correctly. Otherwise, you might have a very serious accident that could have otherwise been prevented. There might come a time in the future when you notice that your brakes are squeaking or not giving you the stopping power you are used to. If this is the case, you need to go to a repair shop to have your brakes looked at. Then the cause of the problem can be determined. Who can you trust to fix your car brakes? Here is how you can find a reputable shop that performs brake repair Alexandria VA.

1. Take a look at all of the local brake repair shops on the Better Business Bureau website.

The BBB should be consulted before you decide where to have the brakes on your car fixed. They will have detailed profiles of every shop in your local area that performs brake repair. You will be able to find out the length of time that each shop has been in business. Various other pieces of info will also be provided. The BBB letter grade will let you know which shops are the best. An A+ is the highest grade a business can receive.

2. Make sure that the brake repair shop you go to is licensed.

You should never assume that the brake repair shop you choose has a license. Many of the various repair shops that are in operation are not licensed in any way. Why is a license important? It lets you know that your brakes are being repaired by a highly trained technician who will be able to make the necessary repairs correctly. There is no way to know exactly how much training an unlicensed person has had.

3. Get references from friends or members of your family.

There is a good chance that some of your friends have had their brakes repaired at some point. Ask them to tell you the name of the shop they went to. Did the shop do a good job repairing their brakes? Did they charge a fair rate?